Floor Liners and Mats

truck floor mat

Floor Liners and Floor Mats are a great way to protect your vehicle’s carpet from everyday dirt and mud, as well as accidental spills.  There are choices that range from universal-fit mats, to liners that are laser measured and designed specifically for your vehicle.

Floor Liners by Truck Gear, WeatherTech and Husky Liners cover the floor from under the pedals to the base of the seat, and have a lip around the edges to keep spills from escaping and ruining your carpet. Floor Mats that cover just the base of the floor under your feet are less expensive, and still give you decent protection at a bargain price. 

Keep the elements off of your carpet, and your cleanup from a spill goes from “disaster response” to “shrug!”.  The perfect mat for your vehicle is waiting for you.

Rain Guards, Bug Shields and Hood Protectors

Want to let some fresh air in, but keep the elements out? Rainguards by Weathertech and others are an inexpensive addition to your vehicle.  Crack your windows and let the outside air in, without worrying about the elements damaging the interior of your vehicle.

Bug Shields and Hood Protectors are designed to deflect and stop the impact of bugs and debris against the hood of your vehicle while driving.  Bug residue and flying gravel ding your paint, destroy the clear coat and will eventually lead to discoloration and rust. Quickly installed, a bug shield will protect the paint and the value of your car or truck.  We offer WeatherTech, Stampede and other brands. Call us at 919-855-0000 for a quote and to schedule installation, and begin protecting your vehicle today.

Mud Flaps

truck mud flaps

Want to protect your paint from rocks, mud, and debris kicked up by your tires?  The simple addition of mud flaps to virtually any truck is a great solution to this problem.  Rear only, or all four are available. Call us at 919-855-0000 for prices for Mud Flaps on your truck.

Truck Gear Expedition Coolers

expedition cooler for trucks

Made using rotationally molded plastic, Truck Gear Expedition Coolers can take some serious abuse while keeping ice frozen and your drinks cold. Extra dense insulation keeps cold air inside and warm air out which makes this cooler a great addition to your tailgate, fishing trip, campsite, hunting excursion or any outdoor activity. Throw it onto your LINE-X bedliner and hit the road. They come in 20, 45, 75 and 110 qt. sizes.