TruXedo® Truck Covers – Raleigh, NC

Truxedo Tonneau Covers

Since debuting its first soft tonneau cover in 2000, TruXedo, Inc. has become renowned for producing truck bed accessories that are as stylish as they are functional. Each boasting sleek and innovative designs, TruXedo bed cover products enhance the look of your truck, while also making it more versatile and durable. With a TruXedo cover, installation is easy, and you’ll enjoy some of the best warranties in the industry.

TruXedo’s line of accessories includes several makes and models, all engineered with the latest truck bed cover technology to meet a variety of customer needs. Some are designed specifically for protecting your cargo, such as the TruXedo Lo-Pro QT, which is among the most watertight of all the covers sold at LINE-X of Raleigh, easily installed and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s a sleek, low profile cover that makes trucks look great and protects cargo from the elements. Others are designed for increased flexibility, such as TruXedo® Deuce, which functions as both a folding and a roll-up cover. Other unique TruXedo features include automatic tension control, low-profile styles and adjustable anchor positioning for convenient and versatile hauling.

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